ADVANCE is a professional supplier for technical textiles. Our fabrics is made of polyester, recycle polyester, nylon 6, nylon 66, and high tenacity nylon. Our products are certified as meeting stringent quality standards of international organizations, such as EN ISO 12402-7, U.S. UL 1191, EN ISO 20471, EN ISO 15797 and etc. They are widely used in the aviation, marine, transportation, healthcare, outdoor and protection industry. Furthermore, we have been collaborated with our clients and developed customized technical textiles for industrial and other purposes.

1. Aviation:Life Vest, Slide, Canopy
2. Marine:Life Jacket, Raft, Canopy
3. Healthcare:Mattress, Compression Cloth
4. Workwear:Protective Clothing, Cooperate Wear
5. Outdoor Equipment:Sleeping Bags, Tents, Hammocks, Dry Bags
6. Customized:High Performance Fabrics, Coated Fabrics (PU, PVC, TPU and Silicon coating)