SINGTEX® launches BIOTEC™ fabrics made from coffee grounds and castor beans.

Every year, more than 116 million tons of waste clothes are trashed due to fast fashion. SINGTEX®, a sustainable manufacturer of functional fabrics, has developed BIOTEC series to tackle this issue. It reuses organic materials such as coffee grounds to make coffee oil membrane and castor beans to produce bio-nylon fabrics. These bio-based materials replace more than 25% petroleum consumption during production and offer a better wearing experience.  


SINGTEX® marketed S.Café® yarn in 2009 . Through the S.Café® producing process, it extracts 11% coffee oil from coffee grounds. The coffee oil is not only used in cosmetics but also in shelter membrane. S.Café® AIRMEMcontains 26% of coffee oil replacing petroleum-based materials. This technology has received U.S. and Taiwan patents and USDA bio-based product certification.


AIRMEMfeatures odor-control, water resistant, wind-proof and breathability. Fabrics laminated with AIRMEM have receive ISPO Textrends Award selection in 2015 and Top 10 in 2018.  

Striving to be a pioneer in sustainable fabrics, SINGTEX® is proud to introduce SINGTEX® BIOTECbio-based nylon, a new innovative fabric made of EcoPaXX® from DSM. EcoPaXX® is a high-performance material made of 70% fully renewable resource: castor bean oil

With this sustainable, high performance material, SINGTEX® not only offers a nylon fabric that is perfectly suitable for outdoor environment, but also contributes to reduce the dependence of the textile industry on fossil fuels.


Bio-nylon fabrics are durable, lightweight, abrasion and tear resistant which is perfect for backpack and outdoor equipment fabrics. BIOTEC™ bio-based nylon has also received ISPO Textrends Award selection this year.  
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